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New Staff Profile: Emily Haas and Alice Dembinski

Get to know the newest members of our staff Office Manager Alice Dembinski and account executive Emily Haas.


Emily: Rochester, New York (proud native)
Alice: St. Mary’s, Iowa

Emily: Niagara University
Alice: Millikin University

Where have you lived besides Iowa?
Emily: Rochester, NY and Lewiston, NY
Alice: Illinois, Switzerland and Ukraine

Most-entertaining quote from this interview
Emily: “I fear groundhogs, but sharks are my favorite animal.”
Alice: “I love Iowa, I have lived many places, but Iowa is the place to be. It’s the good people, people will stop and help you in a snowstorm. It's home.”

Most exciting part about joining Heartlanders
Emily: This is my first “real-person job” which makes this even more exciting. To be part of a team getting started from scratch is amazing.
Alice: Excited to build up and it’s a great atmosphere in the town and office. Engaging in sports management in a meaningful way is exciting!

Most interesting fact about you
Emily: I am a great fisher.
Alice: Me and my boyfriend have a homestead and we have three alpacas and I spin yarn.

How much coffee do you drink a day?
Emily: 2 cups, vanilla creamer with sugar
Alice: All day, pretty regular, cream and sugar, local brews if I go out.

Favorite musical artist/song
Emily: “Vienna” Billie Joel
Alice: “By and By” by Caamp

You can only eat one food for the rest of your life
Emily: Peaches
Alice: Sushi

Favorite movie
Emily: Endless Love
Alice: 3:10 to Yuma

Favorite Restaurant
Emily: Chic-Fil-A
Alice: Smokin’ Bones

Who did you look up to as a kid?
Emily: My cousin Melinda, she was my hero.
Alice: My older sister Kate, she is a musical genius.

What do you do in you spare time?
Emily: Hang out with my dog.
Alice: Spin yarn, knit, remodel the homestead, garden, yoga.

What are you watching right now?
Emily: Shark Week, Shark Fest
Alice: British Bakeoff and Alone

What do you imagine the first Heartlanders game is going to be like?
Emily: Electric and great.
Alice: Loud, lot of energy and excitement.

Favorite Heartlanders Gear
Emily: Polo but I want the rose-colored t-shirts those look really cool.
Alice: T-shirt

Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream
Emily: Cotton Candy
Alice: Cookie Dough

Favorite Ice Cream Topping
Emily: Caramel
Alice: Hot Fudge

Phone app you use the most
Emily: Snapchat
Alice: Reddit

Ranch on Pizza - yes or no?
Emily: Yes but only if its from my favorite super market back home, Wegmans.
Alice: Yes, Newman’s Own

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