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New staff profile: Tysen VanDraska and Nick Perkins

Welcome Account Executives Tysen VanDraska (left of photo) and Nick Perkins (right)


Tysen:  Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Nick: Apple Valley, Minnesota

Tysen: University of Iowa, Bachelor’s in Health in Human Physiology. Masters in Sport Recreation Management.

Nick: University of Kansas, Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Management with business minor.

Where have you lived
Tysen: Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and Coralville.
Nick: Coralville | Lawrence, Kansas | Madison, Wisconsin | Kenosha, Wisconsin | Kansas City, Kansas

Most exciting part about joining Heartlanders
Tysen: Being a part of a brand-new team it’s really exciting to start from the ground up. We have a lot to do as a group and I’m ready to help the Heartlanders become a big part of this community.

Nick: Getting ready for our inaugural season, I think it is going to be a thrill to build this team from scratch. I can’t wait to see that excitement for our first game October 22nd.

Most interesting fact about you
Tysen: I ran track at the University of Iowa. I’ve won races, I have lost a lot more than won. It was really cool to finish 2nd in B1G Tournament in the 800M race

Nick: Never broken a bone

How much coffee do you drink a day
Tysen: Zero cups. Chocolate milk is my morning go-to.

Nick: Two cups, but there must be creamer. Doesn’t matter what kind but I can’t stand black coffee.

Favorite musical artist/song
Tysen: “Homeboy” by Eric Church
Nick: “With You” by Illenium

Favorite food
Tysen: Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Nick: Fettucine alfredo

You can only eat one food for the rest of your life
Tysen: Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Nick: Pizza with sausage and black olives

Best vacation
Tysen: That’s hard. I went to Hawaii my senior year of high school.
Nick: Jamaica for a senior trip in high school.

Favorite movie
Tysen: Miracle
Nick: Moneyball

Who did you look up to as a kid?
Tysen: Definitely my parents

Nick: I could go with my parents, softball answer... but I loved quarterback Tom Brady.

What do you do in you spare time?
Tysen: I have a dog, so play fetch with him. Duck is a chocolate lab and he is a little over a year old

Nick: I like to keep up with my skills playing frisbee golf when I can get on a course.

What are you binge-watching right now?
Tysen: “I Think You Should Leave”
Nick: “Family Guy” and “Ink Master”

Would you rather ride the wave or take the bull by the horns?
Tysen: “Take the bull by the horns”

Nick: “I feel like those mentalities work in different situations…sometimes it’s better to ride the wave and other times it’s better to take the bull by the horns. Hope you got all that down.”

Do you call it pop or soda?
Tysen: pop
Nick: pop

What do you imagine the first Heartlanders game is going to be like?
Tysen: “Loud, packed and fun”

Nick: “We will have a fan in every seat, if we do our job, loud energetic, I hope we beat Kansas City.”

What is your nickname?
Tysen: Some people around the office started calling me Louis V because my middle name is Lewis. So I guess that's my nickname.

Nick: Nick-Jim Perkins

Favorite Heartlanders Gear
Tysen: The team polos are great
Nick: Reveal T-Shirt